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A group pic with the Muay Boran guys before our performance yesterday. Was a fun day. The best Thai festival in SA by far.

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Well organised and look after all the performers really well. Thank you and see you all there again next year. Detoks merupakan sistem yang penting untuk tubuh. So good to have a visit from my homie Kosta tonight.

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One of the true gentlemen of the SA Muay Thai scene. Putting Big rigmart 's fat guts away between rounds when he fought at kg against a giant.

Great to be back in town. Class was great tonight. Blast from the past. After being smashed in the clinch, he stopped the lad with hands in the 3rd round. In the centre of us is my friend, Dam. He is a young friend of mine who used to work for Patong Stadium.

Sunday sprints in the bag. Great work lads seid.

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My legendary father-in-law rep'n us in Thailand. Just had this pic sent to me by Scott from boonsportofficial from Memories of a life which feels like I lived so long ago. This was was at 96Peenung gym where I was based for 3 years while I was at my busiest stage in my career. Walking around at about 76kg and comfortably fit not super fit , it was a hard gym to train at in the Klongtoei slums of Bangkok.

So much water under the bridge since then.

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So much happier now. Blessed to have experienced all that I have. Lovely lunch with Pinky, the one and only. Great to see you and Andy! Mau buang lemak?? Mau turunkan kolestrol?? Mau kempiskan perut?? Ada Masalah sembelit?? Ambil sebiji sebelum tidur, esok pagi confirm keluar segala racun toksin yang dah lama dalam usus tu.. Selamat tanpa bahan terlarang. Kini pure soap hadir dgn packaging baru serta formula baru dengan kandungan glutathione yg lebih tinggi dri sebelum nya. Aloe Vera possesses more than 75 nutritional elements, including vitamins, minerals, enzymes, sugars, and amino acids.

LoveNellyDeVuyst BioTense OrganicSkincare aloevera skincare skincareroutines skincareproducts organicskincare organicskincareproducts skincarecommunity skincareclinic healthyskin healthylifestyle vancouver northvan northvanmoms vancitybuzz vancityhype lowerlonsdale. We learnt so much, as we always do. We made new connections, and friends. We grew more as a team. Made some lasting memories, with some beautiful views.

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